Study of irreversible thermal denaturation of proteins by differential scanning calorimetry

Lyubarev A.E., Kurganov B.I.

Recent Res. Devel. Biophys. Chem., 2001, v. 2, p. 141-165

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The review summarizes the differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) data for proteins undergoing irreversible thermal denaturation. Experimental approaches to study irreversible thermal denaturation of proteins are described. Various kinetic models of irreversible denaturation and their applicability for description of the experimental data are discussed. The main attention is devoted to the one-step irreversible model, as well as Lumry and Eyring model and its particular cases. Mathematical methods of analysis of DSC data are treated. Application of the repeating scanning for analysis of complex calorimetric curves is discussed.

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