Origin of biochemical organization

Lyubarev A.E., Kurganov B.I.

BioSystems, 1997, v. 42, p. 103-110 

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The problems of the origin of life and biochemical evolution are analyzed in the context of the biochemical organization concept proposed earlier by the authors. The traditional view according to which the evolution of biological systems occurred from lower levels to systems of higher levels is criticized. It is suggested that the formation of the cell and biological systems of lower levels (subcellular structures, supramolecular structures, biomacromolecules) occurred in a coordinated manner. The liposome and inorganic hypotheses of the origin of life are discussed. Regosome model based on ideas of Nussinov and Mekler which combines advantages of the liposome and inorganic hypotheses has been adopted and modernized. It is suggested that the initial metabolism of protocells based itself on C2-C3-compounds. Autodevelopment of catalytic systems of protocells is discussed.

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